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Some great reviews of Warrior Won


"Spiritual themes make the book all the stronger.... Warrior Won is spiritual fiction that is both compelling and fun."

~Foreword Reviews

"Warrior Won is one of the strongest spiritual women's fiction pieces to appear in recent years. It is unabashedly and highly recommended for a range of women, from casual chic lit leisure readers to those from all walks of faith who like spiritual-based fiction."

-Midwest Book Review

"Filled with references to authors and practices that many a yogi will be familiar with, this is a captivating read. It ticks the box as a must-read summer-read for those of us looking for a mindful, contemporary women's novel."

-YogaSkinny Blog

"Lorna is representative of many ‘spiritual but not religious’ individuals today, who build their spiritual path from many different sources, including law of attraction teachings, Buddhist teachings, energy healing traditions and more."

-Mommy Mystic Blog

Media featuring

Meryl Davids Landau

Be Present: The Diane Ray Show on Unity Radio on Warrior Won

"If you're into mindfulness and spirituality, you will really enjoy this book."

Inner Voice Radio Show on KMET L.A. Radio

"Your writing bring what you know about yoga and a spiritual path into two beautiful novels." 

Dr. Mara Karpel Your Golden Years podcast on Warrior Won

"I really enjoyed your book."

America Meditating with Sister Jenna podcast on Warrior Won

"In your book, Lorna struggles to stay on her spiritual path, which is common for many people."

In the Spirit with Gary Goldberg radio show on Warrior Won

"It's a page-turner. A fun read."

Integral Yoga Magazine on Warrior Won

"Meryl Davids Landau takes women on a spiritual journey that incorporates lessons in mindfulness, meditation and yoga woven throughout a captivating narrative."

South Florida Live with Peter Wein, on Warrior Won

"Your books deal with spiritual journeys, meditation, mindfulness--I want to say, life."

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Awake2Oneness Radio, on Enlightened Parenting

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Enjoy the trailer for my award-winning mindfulness/yoga novel, Warrior Won
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